Changing Hostname on Mandriva 2007 KDE

With default installation of Mandriva 2007 in KDE environment, all networking setup will be automatically refers to DHCP server. This include the machine’s hostname. They maybe cases where the user wants a complete control his own hostname without needing to consult DHCP server admin to specify the hostname.

Root password of the particular workstation will be needed. The user could either change the needed parameters using terminal console, file editor or using Madriva Control Center. To change the hostname using Control Center, launch the tool from the menu by going to:-

System > Configuration > Configure Your Computer

Provide the pc’s root password

Root Password Required

Select Network & Internet > Setup A New Network Interface (LAN, ISDN…)

Select Network Configuration

Select Ethernet and click next

Select Ethernet

Select the network interface to configure (use the one selected by default if you are not sure)
Click Next

Select NIC

Choose either Automatic Or Manual (use automatic if you are not sure)
Click next

Choose IP method

Un-check the “Assign host name from DHCP address”
Enter your new hostname
Click Next

Assign Hostname

Click next


Click Next


Click finish.


You have completed the process. To be on the safe side, reboot your pc.