Winscp in linux (KDE & Gnome)

While using windows I mostly doing file transfers to & from any linux desktop/server by using Winscp. The application is quite handy and fulfill all my requirements. Now I have migrated to a linux desktop and of course Winscp is not an option anymore.

So, what can I use now? Luckily in linux, there are alternative approaches to use. These approaches might even better than using Winscp in windows mainly due to the ability browse remote folder within the same file manager view without depending on third party file management interface. Imagine browsing remote folders via SSH/SFTP protocol directly in your existing file manager (windows explorer) without needing to launch Winscp.

In KDE we can use fish. Simply launch your file manager, in this case ‘Konqueror‘. Type the below command in the location bar.

eg: fish://root@

The above command will open up SSH connection to the remote machine using the particular username.

Fish login box

Provide your password and…
Fish interface

You can now browse the remote machine and do any kind of modification you wanted as long as your account is permitted considering that not all of us could log in as root.

The above process is about the same if you are using GNOME. The file manager in GNOME which is called Nautilus also have the ssh tunneling capabilities. Simply open the file manager, hit Ctrl-L to open up location editor and type

eg: ssh://root@

Naulitus Ssh Access

Provide your password

Naulitus Ssh Authentication

Naulitus Ssh Browse


Follow up of this article can be found here :
Krusader – the Winscp alternative in linux

6 thoughts on “Winscp in linux (KDE & Gnome)”

  1. Am I missing something or does fish never resume filetransfers that were interrupted due to an IP changing or the laptop hibernating?

  2. I have another comment. My main use of WinSCP is for synchronizing folders, specially because it gives a preview in which I can confirm in which direction each file should be overwritten. Would your method offer that? And if not -I have been using ubuntu for only a week now-, do you know of a method that could?

    Great post!

    1. In case you are using KDE, I recommend Krusader ( which have SSH connection capability (through Fish) and also directory comparison. The interface is quite similar to WinSCP. Although it also can be used in Gnome, but I’m still didn’t manage to connect via SSH in Gnome. I will post the solution in this blog once I found it.

      1. In Ubuntu (gnome) I manage to use Fish in Krusader only after I intalled Kubuntu-desktop. Since then even when I use Gnome as the desktop environment, fish (ssh) connection could be used in Krusader

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  4. I hope you don’t think of me as a bad person. I am a recruiter hoping to find a contractor to update Nautilus for a bank in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Alan Cuthbert

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