Installing Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6.10 over network using minimal install cd

My goal is pretty simple. I want to install Ubuntu Edgy Eft disto into a few newly bought pc units. I don’t want download and burn the whole installation cd image and do the installation process one by one. Luckily for me our network is equipped with a local ubuntu mirror (archive) which provide me an option to do a network installation process. This method is also applicable for those you prefer to do installation over the internet via nearest ubuntu mirror site.

There are quite a few tutorial and howtos out there that provide guidance on setting up a dhcp server and do PXE netboot procedure. For some reasons I can’t choose that method. So I opt for a minimal install cd method.

A minimal intallation cd iso can be downloaded from

Alternatively you can download the iso from your nearest ubuntu mirror. The mini.iso file usually resides in “/dists/edgy/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/” directory. Download and burn the iso.

Boot the pc with the minimal boot cd. You might need to visit the help page “F1” for additional install method/parameters. In my case I have to disable acpi and set vga=771 due to some complication with my machines.
Proceed with the language and location selection page. You will then need to choose your keyboard layout. If you already know your keyboad layout type, just skip the layout detection step by answering “no”
Keyboard Selection
Specify your keyboard and proceed. You will then need to set the machine’s hostname.
After that, you will come to the download source selection page.
Mirror selection
Choose your nearest mirror site. In my case I had to choose “enter information manually” as the installation source is our local archive mirror server.

For manual source selection, you will need to enter the hostname / domain name of your preferred mirror site.
Specify mirror hostname

Then you have to manually enter the exact path of the installation sources.
Install path

The installation process will start right away
Installation processes

Further processes are pretty straight forward. Enjoy…