Change KDE Konqueror default file manager view

Konqueror uses ‘Icon View’ as the default view. You can change it to other types such as ‘Detailed List View’ or ‘Image View’ and make it the default view each time you open Konqueror File Manager.

Firstly launch Konqueror File Manager, the easy way is to open (double click) your home folder icon located in your desktop.


This is your default file list view of your Konqueror


Change the view to whatever view you wanted. Eg: Detailed List View


To make the changes permanent, you need to save it into your profile

From the menu, select Settings > Save View Profile “File management”


Click save


From now on, Konquerer will use your preferred view as the default display. You might change the setting whenever you want but don’t forget to save your setting to make it permanent.

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