AOL’s Active Virus Shield, the free version of Kaspersky Antivirus

Just to share with you guys,

For those who are looking for antivirus protection for your Windows machine,
you might have heard of Kaspersky Antivirus (KAV) which is arguably the best
and most effective antivirus in the market nowadays.

I’m glad to inform you guys (who did not know yet) that this Kaspersky
antivirus is available for free with the name “Active Virus Shield”. This is
kind of old news but I believe some of us still didn’t aware about this
AOL’s Active Virus Shield

Even though the name is different, it is still KAV in the background and it
should be ways better compared to AVG and AVAST and even other commercial
antiviruses out there. (Yes, I hate norton & mc affee)

You will need to supply your email address in order to receive the activation
key. In the future you might receive a lot of marketing emails from AOL to
that particular email address as part of the agreement terms, so I advise
that you use your secondary email addresses such as yahoo or hotmail.

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7 thoughts on “AOL’s Active Virus Shield, the free version of Kaspersky Antivirus”

  1. Kaspersky/Active VirusShield is a great product. I’ve used it. It combnes anti-virus, firewall capablities, logs, and the most up-to-date virus diagnostics out there. But it’s a resource hog. I have an older, slower computer compared to the ones out there these days, and it can’t take Kaspersky’s drain on resources.

    AVAST is nothing special and slows older computers down as well.

    AVG Free is perfect. Fast, slim, and thorough. My PC has had not one infection with it in nearly a year, and I think it’s protection might be better now than it was a year ago as well.

    1. Thank you for the reply. I do agree that Kaspersky’s resource consumptions are well noticeable on older machines. To be honest for slower machine I prefer Node32 among all commercial anti-viruses due to it’s small footprint size.

      But when considering FREE options, currently I think the AOL’s Active Virus Shield would be an ideal choice for those KAV admirer or people who have bad experience with other free anti-viruses.

      Fortunately for me now I’m using linux more than Windows, so virus threat wouldn’t be a major concern for me anymore (at least for the current time).

  2. Yes, you lucky Linux user…no worries 🙂

    I keep saying it (and never do it) but I’m going to try dual-booting this summer (don’t have the least clue how to go about it even with a few tutorials behind me so I’m scared and keep putting it off). One of the distros I want to try then is Ubuntu. Before I set Ubuntu up, though, I have to dual boot with Vista because there’s a problem with a program I remove AOL with, and I need to look at it again before too much time goes by.

    If you think Kaspersky is a resource hog on an older computer, you should see how Vista is (I installed it as the only OS about a month ago…then prompty formatted C:/). It’s a great *looking* interface, and the OS literally “feels” more powerful, like the difference between driving a car with a V4 engine and one with a V8. But I need a newer computer to enjoy all the benefits of it (besides having the OS collect data and snoop on me…is that a benefit?). Shoot, I shouldn’t even be discussing this on a Linux blog.

    Anyway, once my next foray with Vista is over with I’m going to dual boot XP with Ubuntu and see how it goes. I’ve been wanting to go open source for years. Too many peope extoll the wonders of Linux for me to pass it up much longer.

    1. MarahMarie:

      You should definately go with Ubuntu if you want a painless dual boot option. When I stuck the install CD in and rebooted there was the option for it to set up all my partitions and resize the Windoze partitions. Everything was painless except for my WiFi card. Only took searching some on google and forums to find the answer. Since I installed, I’ve only had to boot to Windows ONCE, since I got internet working in Ubuntu that is. You can even request a FREE install cd mailed to you from their main website.

      By the way, my PC is slightly older (3 years+ bought from state auction) P4 2.8GHz w/ 512MB RAM and a whopping 32MB onboard video. Only complaint is until I get better video card, I don’t get all the great desktop effects offered by the Beryl/Compiz software.

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