Krusader – the Winscp alternative in linux

This is the follow-up of my previous posting regarding “Winscp in linux (KDE & Gnome)“. I’ve recently used a tool called Krusader ( This is the application that I found to be the closest match to WinSCP since they both are twin-panel file manager A.K.A orthodox file manager. Krusader have most of the features (maybe more) WinSCP had such as SSH/SCP connectivity, folder comparison and synchronization. Furthermore some of the hotkeys are pretty much alike.

From the official website

Krusader is an advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE and other desktops in the *nix world, similar to Midnight or Total Commander. It provides all the file management features you could possibly want.

Some screen-shots of Krusader

The application interface

Krusader folder synchronization
Folder compare and synchronization

6 thoughts on “Krusader – the Winscp alternative in linux”

  1. I just set up an app called SecPanel in xubuntu 6.1 running on an old 1999 Mac G3-233 PPC. I found it it the xubuntu repositories but, more about it and other packages can be found here:

    SecPanel is a frontend GUI for managing managing and running SSH and SCP connections. It uses a twin-panel for SCP transfers making it quite handy. I use Krusader in Gnome and KDE because the twin panel interface is so very productive. SecPanel not as pretty as Krusader but, it’s very lightweight and fairly easy to set up. Works like a charm on the revived G3. (The thing is too cute to toss out.) Ican see using Secpanel on many of the older machines I’m trying to revive with lightweight distros.

    Also, there is additional information on getting Krusader to handle fish, sftp and tar on non-KDE systems, which do not have the KDElibs and KIOSlaves (and others) installed that are bundled with KDEbase. See this chapter of the Krusader Handbook:

  2. I’m searching all around trying to find a decent replacement for winscp in ubuntu to access my server (which has password auth disable). Secpanel is just ugly and I can’t get it to work with my private key. I even install wine just for winscp but the font hurt my eyes and it crash all the time. So, does krusader blend well with ubuntu gnome and most importantly I can use public/private key pairs?

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