Installing Mozilla Firefox 3 on Gentoo 2008.0

I cannot hold myself anymore. I want Firefox 3 on my Gentoo machine ASAP. I don’t care about the feature, the risk and the hassle I might be facing installing unstable/testing application in my machine, I just want the new version on my PC! 🙂

Using emerge to search the package

emerge --search mozilla-firefox


* www-client/mozilla-firefox
Latest version available:
Latest version installed:

Fair enough, the stable branch only have version as the latest one. So I enable unstable/testing branch for that particular package by inserting the line below in my /etc/portage/package.keywords

www-client/mozilla-firefox ~x86

Do the search again

emerge --search mozilla-firefox


* www-client/mozilla-firefox
Latest version available: 3.0-r1
Latest version installed:
Size of files: 50,442 kB
Description: Firefox Web Browser
License: || ( MPL-1.1 GPL-2 LGPL-2.1 )

Nice, they have version 3.0-r1 in the repository.

After thinking for a while, I decided to proceed with the installation. Of course I have to enable some other unstable/testing packages in order to meet the dependencies.

I added those lines below in my /etc/portage/package.keywords file

net-libs/xulrunner ~x86
dev-libs/nspr ~x86
dev-libs/nss ~x86

Specifying custom USE parameter in /etc/portage/package.use file

www-client/mozilla-firefox java linguas_en_US -ipv6 

I don’t need IPV6

And start the installation process

emerge -av mozilla-firefox

I answered ‘yes’ when asked and the installation process started. It took almost 20 minutes for the system to compile them. When it finished, I’ve been greeted with the message below.

* Old versions of installed libraries were detected on your system.
* In order to avoid breaking packages that depend on these old libs,
* the libraries are not being removed. You need to run revdep-rebuild
* in order to remove these old dependencies. If you do not have this
* helper program, simply emerge the ‘gentoolkit’ package.
* # revdep-rebuild –library
* # revdep-rebuild –library
* # revdep-rebuild –library

Ok. Some post installation works to do. But I would skip those steps for now. I will do them if I encounter any problem on other applications.

So I restarted my Firefox, went to some normal plugin/extension upgrade process and there I go, Firefox version 3 !

Firefox Version 3

21 thoughts on “Installing Mozilla Firefox 3 on Gentoo 2008.0”

  1. Use a different font for the code sections, using Xubuntu & Firefox 3 the “~” looks like a “-“.

  2. If someone needs help installing firefox, that someone should not be using gentoo linux in the first place.

  3. I’ve recently changed from windows internet explorer to this Mozilla Firefox. I need to know when I’ve found the sight i like on the net, i used to add to favorites, then send icon to desktop. how do i do this with Mozilla?

  4. If you have a slow connection and use older versions of windows, IE is quicker. Otherwise it’s personal preference, but Firefox gets my vote. You get far fewer viruses and spyware using Firefox.

  5. That’s a very bad idea. You need a firewall even if it is Windows Firewall and Antivirus (use Avast if you don’t like AVG) especially if you have a direct connection to the internet.

  6. A lot of things come in through java/activex. This basically does not allow javascript to run unless you allow it. Once you allow a site it will remember that, just allow sites you trust.

  7. I close my browser often for various reasons, and having to repeatedly log into my accounts like Face book, Yahoo, Gmail, and etc, is very inconvenient and getting gold. Firefox 2 never did this, just my current Firefox 3.

  8. I share a computer with someone else, so we have to share the same bookmarks, add-ons and everything on Mozilla Firefox. Is there a way to be able to both use Mozilla Firefox, but have two separate customized browser- one for each of us?Thanks in advance.

  9. I’m thinking about installing Mozilla Firefox 6 on my computer but I was wondering if I don’t like it can I reinstall 3 back on here? and where would I go to reinstall it?

  10. currently i am running window 7 and i am using Mozilla Firefox browser but i am facing some problem in this browser than suggests me which browser is the best for this operating system and how many browser can i run at same time.

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